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Pet Omega 3 Fish Oil
for Puppies, Cats & Small Dogs;
 10 lbs & Under.
Small, Easy to Swallow 
& Certified Pure.


Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Softgel™

Puppy, Small Dog and Cat Health

Small Pet Omega 3:
Premium Salmon Oil with Essential Oils: DHA and EPA
for Healthy Coat, Skin, Joint and Brain Function.
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Packenzie Petite Omega 3 Salmon Fish Oil 500 mg - 60 Ct  |  #O31

$16.99 Now $14.99
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2 Pack - Packenzie Petite Omega 3 - Salmon Fish Oil 500 mg - 60 Ct  |  #O32

$29.32 Now $25.98
In Stock - Ships Immediately
Special Offer: Free Shipping!

Welcome to Petite Pet Pills  Natural Health for Pets

Benefits of Fish Oil

      • Fish Oil Capsules for Puppies, Small Dogs and Cats
      • Improves Dry, Irritated Skin, Dull Fur
      • Naturally Anti-Inflammatory
      • Helps Brain Development in Puppies
      • Promotes Healthier Heart Function
      • Essential Fatty Acids
      • Balances Commercial Pet Food

Benefits of Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3

      • Perfect for Puppies, Small Dogs & Cats to Swallow Whole
      • Small Dogs Take in 5-10 Seconds
               *No Need to Disquise or Cut
      • Puppies may need peanut butter
      • For Cats Who Don't Like Fish Oil Liquid*
      • Cats, Puppies, Small Dogs - Right Sized Dosage
                  10 lbs and Under
      • Premium Salmon Fish Oil
      • 100 mg of EPA and DHA
      • Softgel Dissolves in Intestine - No Fish Burps
      • Softgel Preserves Oil from Oxidation ( unlike liquid )
      • Distilled and Certified Pure
      • Rated for Humane Use

* Cats are more of a challenge, but the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3 can be swallowed whole by most adult cats. Our pill is a solution for cats that must have Omega 3 but hate the taste of liquid fish oil.
Some customers have reported being able to place the Petite Omega 3 in a Greenies Pill Pocket.

Skin and Coat:  Essential Oils for Cats, Puppies and Small Dog Breeds  

Recommended daily dosage for cats, puppies and small dogs - Perfect for 10 lbs and under.  Our smaller fish oil pill given daily will keep DHA and EPA levels consistent for improved skin and shiny fur. Helps small dogs and cats with dry skin and fur problems, irritated skin and skin allergies. Fish oil also helps improve brain and heart function.

Puppies benefit from fish oil, the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil helps with puppy's sensitive skin, allergies and most importantly, the essential fatty acids from fish oil, help to improve cognitive ability, which is very important with brain development. A calmer, more focused behavior is often attributed to fish oil supplements for puppies. 

How Easy is this?

Simply toss the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ to your small breed dog ( or any dog that has a hard time with regular fish oil pills)  and the capsule will be gulped down within 5-10 seconds. Most dogs think it's a treat. No need to disguise, or cut.

This fish oil pill is recommended for cats who hate the taste of fish oil liquids, but must take a fish oil for skin and coat problems. Cats are more challenging when pilling, but the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ can be swallowed whole by most adult cats.

*Some customers have reported that their cat has taken the Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ in a Greenies Pill Pocket without having to manually apply the pill.

What About Other Brands?

They advertise that their Omega 3 is for cats and small dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians and even Puppies, but 99% of the market sells an Omega 3 that is twice as big as our product. Their pill is going to be either a 1000 mg oblong or a 1500 mg capsule. That is about an inch long, and that is just too big for most puppies, or small breed dogs to swallow comfortably, and nearly impossible for a cat to get down.

Why Small Fish Oil Supplements for cats and dogs?

Our Easy to swallow fish oil pill makes it certain that if this is easy for your puppy, dog or cat, then they will take it every day and that means the right level of essential fatty acids of EPA and DHA will be in their system, when the derma is being repaired or built by the body. Omega 3 creates an environment that reduces the inflammation response with skin and  joints (as in the case with Rheumatoid Arthritis).  Unlike steroids, Omega 3 does not suppress symptoms with dangerous drugs that, over the long term, can have serious consequences for the liver and kidney. Omega 3 helps the body to heal and protect itself, naturally.

Why is an Omega 3 Supplement necessary?

Most commercial pet food is manufactured to withstand fluctuating temperatures, and long storage times without attracting mold or bacteria.  Commercial pet food is often more heavily balanced with Omega 6 and 9, while Omega 3 is very difficult to keep viable in the production process. The result is that most commercial pet food lacks proper levels of Omega 3 and should be supplemented with fish oil vitamins. A diet lacking Omega 3 can leave pets susceptible to skin allergies, dryness, and dull fur.

If the pet food lists that it has Omega 3, it is often a more stable, plant derived fatty acid called ALA. Since it is plant based, ALA is rarely  metabolized by cats and dogs, while Omega 3 derived from an animal source like fish oil, with EPA and DHA,  will be used by our pets. That is why it is important to check the ingredients and make sure about the source of the Omega 3 with pet food. A high quality salmon fish oil supplement like Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ will help to give your pet the right nutritional balance for better health.

Why Salmon Oil for puppies, dogs and cats?

Salmon oil is a great, single source Omega 3. Salmon fish oil is noted world wide for it's high levels of natural Omega 3. Distilled and certified for purity. Packenzie Petite Pet Omega 3™ is designed for cats, puppies and small dogs, but rated for Humane Use.

Our Promise:

Our supplement products are Guaranteed - to be fresh, high quality and easy to use. Packenzie Petite Omega 3™ is only available through Petite Pet Pills. So safe, it's actually made for people. We stand behind every bottle we sell, so if you are not completely satisfied, return your product to us, and we'll gladly give you a full refund.

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